because I need self-imposed deadlines

Lovely bits and bobs

In the first of an occasional series, I am going to write about a random selection of things I am enjoying at present.

Firstly, my new pins from Macon et Lesquoy. I have been coveting these beautiful little things since I first read about them on Belgian waffle’s blog a couple of years ago. I got a teeny croissant and a tiny Réligieuse pastry. The first rule of Pâtisserie Club is that we wear our heart on our sleeve (well, lapel actually).


Who wouldn’t want a tiny croissant as part of their daily wear?

Secondly, my new bags from Marks and Spencer are just LUSH.I do not need any new bags, I have more bags than I can shake a stick at. I just wanted them so much that I HAD TO HAVE THEM (this is a recurring theme with me, you’ll see).


Bags as far as the eye can see

I got this one to brighten up a lot of my more monochromatic outfits, as well as hold everything I could possibly need (laptop, cardigan, snacks, water bottle, pac-a-mac – just the usual). It has a zipped pocket inside, two slip pockets and a magnetic snap closure too. I really love it. Even the lady who served me the other day in Accessorize, that bastion of embellishment, commented on how lovely it is.

The other one is more of a smaller day-time or night-time bag, it can also be used as a clutch if you stow away the strap. I love the sequins and the fact that it makes me feel like I’m just off on my holidays (I’m not).


Other things I am currently in to are:

Working my way through all the articles and features on the Standard Issue website. Sadly, the magazine is coming to an end, with no new copy being uploaded from April 30th. The podcast will be continuing though, which softens the blow a little.

Poring over the Maria Tash Instagram page. I got some additional ear piercings at Maria Tash in New York last year (I only had first lobes previously) and am now craving more and a visit to Maria Tash at Liberty in London. I just can’t decide what to go for, so the Instagram page is good for inspiration.

I know I’ve LITERALLY just written that I don’t need any more bags, but I am a bit obsessed with these personalised, leopard-print totes from Say What You See. I can see one in my future …

The Courtauld Gallery houses one of my favourite paintings, Renoir’s La Loge, but I’ve somehow not managed to pay a visit for a very long time. I’m thinking a London day trip to Maria Tash and The Courtauld could well be in order.

Finally, I have just started reading this book after forgetting I’d downloaded it to my Kindle last year. I love novels about dysfunctional families, so am looking forward to getting stuck in to this one.

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