Beauty Pie – first impressions

When I was about six or seven my mum used to get monthly parcels from some sort of cosmetics club. She didn’t always keep the items, but I remember excitedly waiting for her to make her decision each month so I knew what I could play with. I treated her make-up with great respect and loved to investigate the contents of the black vanity case that housed her collection, sliding it out from its home under her bed. My favourites were the shimmery green eye shadow and the roller-ball lipglosses that smelled of mint or cola.

Back to the present day and the cosmetics club has had a bit of a revival thanks to Beauty Pie the newish venture set up by Marcia Kilgore. Marcia is the founder of Bliss Spa, Soap & Glory and FitFlop so I think it’s fair to say she has a great track record when it comes to launching successful businesses and building massive brands in the beauty and wellbeing worlds.

I had seen a lot of blogger/vlogger hype when Beauty Pie launched in the UK, which tends to turn me off these days – or at least makes me wait until I feel some more ‘honest’ reviews are around rather than the endorsements bought from the big beauty vloggers.

Beauty Pie’s USP is that it offers ‘unbranded luxury skincare and make-up’ for which members only pay the ‘straight-off-the-production-line’ price. You can read in more detail on the website, but they say Beauty Pie members can save up to 85% on the prices they would pay at full retail value – ‘All your makeup without the markup’, to quote Beauty Pie.

I’m sure that when I first read about Beauty Pie it was advertised as being a monthly subscription type club, which I didn’t feel I wanted to commit to. My curiosity stayed piqued though, particularly as I saw skincare items being added to the cosmetic offerings, so I had another look at the website and was pleased to see I could pay a one off £30 to join and then buy up to £200 full retail value’s worth of products in a year. For example, four lipsticks would be worth £80 but I’d only spend £8.96 for them. It intrigued me enough to want my own piece of the pie (awful pun intended).

I bought a selection of skincare and cosmetics and I will be talking about the latter in this post. I also took pictures of my first use of each product, so you can see how they apply. This means we are back to photos of my face and lots of them. Let’s start where we left off in my last post about magic foundation.


Who is this idiot?

I am just wearing my base of wonder, Guerlain Parure Gold Radiance Fluid Foundation, applied with my fingers.

The first product I applied from my Beauty Pie Stash was the Super Luminous Concealer in the Shade Fair/Peach, though my receipt says it is Fair 100.


Here is a terrible photo of the Super Luminous Concealer

As you can just about see in the blurry pic, the concealer comes in a tube and has a spongy ball tip, intended for application use I suppose. I ignored this and just squeezed a small amount of product onto the back of my hand so I could tap it onto my under eye area with my ring finger. The product is quite liquid in consistency, but no so runny that any coverage is immediately lost. It is nicely hydrating and a little goes a long way. There are no before/after photos as I don’t really have a problem with under eye circles and I tend to be very light handed with concealer as I don’t like a heavy look under the eyes. All the following pics are with the concealer applied though.

I then set my base and the under eye concealer with the One Powder Wonder in Uberlucent Universal.


One Powder Wonder

This powder promises to suit all complexions, blur, even out shine, boost luminosity, never cake, protect against dehydration and much more. Quite frankly, it sounds marvellous.

I applied all over my face with a brush, pressing it lightly into the skin.


Just noticed the errant brush hair on my nose. Curses.

I found the powder to be very light and finely milled, as promised. It mattified nicely and didn’t leave a strange ghostly cast (as I have found with some of these white, optical blurring powders).

Next up, I turned to eyebrows. I bought the Superbrow Colour Mousse in Ash Brown. It comes in a small compact with a mirror and although it looks like a pressed powder on first viewing, it really is a mousse. You can see from the impressions left by my brush:


I applied using a slanted brush, first on my right eyebrow (on the left in the photo)


It applied really easily but, straight away, you can probably see the problem. Although the product looked cool-toned on the website, it is much warmer in real life and looks more like I’d imagined the Baked Brown colour would apply. Once applied to my eyebrows, there is definite redness, which I try to avoid like the plague in brow products. I am always amazed at how many companies offer red-based brow products, as it looks bizarre on almost everyone. Filling in  my other brow really amps up the weirdness.


I’ve gone super close so you can see the ginger brow mess

It’s a shame, as I like the texture and ease of use with the brow mousse.

Next up is the Flash False Lash Mascara in Cosmic Black. Mascara is one of my three make-up must haves – if I fill in my brows, curl and mascara my lashes, and apply a tinted lip balm I can feel ‘done’ enough to leave the house and talk to other human beings.

I want my lashes to look thick, long, voluminous, glossy and to hold a curl all day with no flaking or drooping. I want the impossible, really. My lashes look quite short and straight but there is a fair bit of length that has barely any natural colour, so the right mascara can make a real difference. I wasn’t sure which mascara to go for as Beauty Pie offers four and they all promise great things. I went with this one as the small brush appealed for precision of application. The product description says it’s a great one if your natural lashes are ‘lacking’, so I was expecting to be wowed. I was!

Here’s one coat on one eye. I’m pretty sure you can tell which one:




I love the small brush with its little plastic bristles; post curling I could get to the base of my lashes to wiggle for volume and then pull out to coat the length easily. For one coat of mascara, I found this really impressive.

I then coated the lashes on both eyes a couple of times:

DSC00164I love to load up my lashes and am fine with slight clumping, so I am really happy with this mascara. It cheered me up after the Ronald McDonald eyebrows.

Next is a product that I wasn’t sure about, but I chucked it in with my order in the spirit of experimentation. I am just *that* crazy.


The Moonlighting Balm Radiance Powder is described as giving subtle, second-skin radiance without any visible shimmer, which sounded great to someone like me who hates glitterball highlighters. I picked the shade Soft Soul because it looked like a soft peachy brown. Again, the reality didn’t match up to my computer monitor (always a problem when buying cosmetics online with no samples offered). As you can see, it looks like an orangey bronzer. I was a bit scared to try it.

I applied to my right cheek (left in pic) with a soft blusher brush:


Phew. Not orange.

Thankfully, it did not match my eyebrows. This product imparts an incredibly subtle glow and I found it had quite a unifying effect on my cheeks, tonally speaking. It helped to knock back my redness even more. For someone like me, who loves a natural base, I really like this product. If you are a fan of contouring, shading and full-on bronzing it might not be for you (though Beauty Pie does bronzers and highlighters).

We’re on to the final two products now and they are both for the lips. Firstly the Superglazy Lip Gloss in the shade Sugar Bun. It’s a very natural-looking shade and I was looking forward to trying this gloss as it is described as a ‘gel-oil balm’. I am a gloss and balm lover, rarely choosing to wear lipstick as I find it feels heavy and claggy on my lips and I always forget to reapply. I really like this gloss – it’s not sticky and it feels lovely on, has a great applicator – a curvy doe foot that fits around your lip – and it smells like Cadburys Mini Eggs! (to me anyway). Here I am wearing it:


Resting Bitch Face again.

Finally, I picked up one of the Fantasticolour Sculpting Lipsticks as I am trying to challenge my lipstick-phobia.  This product has a ‘sheer shine finish’ and a ‘Ceramide moisture matrix’ so it seemed it might be a good step towards full-on lipstick for a gloss-loving gal. I picked the shade Apple Bottom which looked like a raspberry pink on my computer screen but I suspected, due to the name, that it might be a bit more red in real life. ‘A bit’ turned out to be an understatement.


Red. Red. Emphatically RED.

I LOVE THIS LIPSTICK. I love the long slim packaging, the chiselled tip, the incredibly smooth and light application, the weightlessness on the lips, the moisturising texture and, most of all, the colour saturation. I want to get all the other colours now.

So, there you have it, my first impressions and application of some Beauty Pie colour products. I’ll get round to the skincare soon.

Overall, I think Beauty Pie is worth checking out if you are a make-up lover. As you can see it’s a bit hit and miss in terms of the colour selection and I don’t think I would try any of the foundations for that reason. It would be brilliant if they did tiny samples of products for colour matching as I think more people would be happy to buy if they knew what they were getting. However, I really liked the quality of the items I bought and I will definitely be buying more mascara and lip products – they are the stand outs for me and do feel like very good quality for the low prices.

I am not sure about the luxury/high end product angle as I don’t think they can say ‘this is comparable with Chanel/YSL/ByTerry/Le Metier de Beaute etc’ and so it’s all subjective. By removing luxury packaging, marketing etc it takes away a lot of the experience that goes towards convincing you that a high end product is ‘worth it’. Whilst this, perhaps, shows how much we can be wooed by marketing smoke and mirrors and heavy, golden compacts rather than the quality of the product within, I think it almost diminishes the Beauty Pie products before you try them. This is a shame, as I think they stand on their own as good products.

I will be really interested to see what new products are made available as the brand grows, particularly the skincare products. With the rise of The Ordinary and the idea that consumers can buy ‘serious’ skincare with active ingredients at a lower budget, I think this is an area where Beauty Pie could also be leading edge, particularly given Marcia Kilgore’s success with Bliss Spa and products.

Anyway, let me know if you’ve tried any Beauty Pie products and what you think of them or what I should try next.

Thanks for reading!

UPDATE – Beauty Pie got in touch with me to let me know that a shade sampler will soon be available to customers who want to buy the right colour foundation. In the meantime, if you call customer service they will be happy to advise you based on the shades you currently wear in other foundations.



2 thoughts on “Beauty Pie – first impressions

  1. Loved this entry. Especially how you broke down the elements, and the pros and cons of each product. I just found your blog today and I’m definitely following to keep up with the rest of your content. Looking forward to your future posts!
    Stop by sometime,
    Mena 🌷


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