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Glittery wedding, beauty bits, and furniture

I know that in my last post I said my next post would be about my solo trip to New York, but I am still working on that one so I thought I’d do a bit of a round-up post in the meantime.

In no particular order here are some of the things I’ve been doing/seeing/buying/loving recently:

  1. Going to a beautiful wedding

My lovely friend Bec got married last Saturday and the wedding was incredibly gorgeous, relaxed and different. It was described as a mini festival and the whole thing took place on the very pretty Cotesbach estate in Lutterworth. There were bell tents, hay bale seats, a bar in a vintage caravan, delicious foods and a face painter. Despite bouts of torrential rain, the atmosphere was full of love and laughter and the ceremony itself took place in a wooded glade and was really quite magical.

The face painter was kept quite busy and I kept seeing pepole with butterflies, flowers and other nice designs on their cheeks. When I finally got around to getting my face painted, I really just wanted copious amounts of glitter applied in a slightly haphazard fashion. I was very pleased with the result (though I look a bit pensive here, probably just trying to decided if it was about to bucket down again):


Glitter and bindi to match outfit. Would like to do this every day

Also pictured – I am currently loving those H&M tassel earrings that every beauty/fashion blogger is currently sporting. Although they look like not insubstantial curtain tie-backs, they weigh practically nothing (my only hard rule for ‘statement’ earrings).

Sartorially speaking I felt I had pitched it correctly with an old yet unworn Boden tunic and biker boot-style wellies – comfort, style and practicality. Even I, most definitely NOT a festival type, didn’t mind using posh portaloos when I had wellies and the loos came with a view like this:


It was a really beautiful day in every respect.

2) Beauty bits

My life’s mission to find the world’s greatest mascara (which will never be over) stepped up a gear this week. After a few months of high-end mascaras – all lovely but just not worth the £20+ price tags when mascara has a 3 month lifespan – I decided to do some high-street testing. I tried L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes Fatale, Volume Million Lashes Feline and L’Oreal False Lash Superstar X Fiber mascaras. They were all OK but nothing really wowed me. Then I finally got my hands on the new L’Oreal Paradise Extatic mascara which had been sold out everywhere. I LOVE THIS MASCARA. Just one coat gives me length, volume and holds a curl. I am not that person who wants a mascara to give me ‘natural, defined lashes’, I want oomph, more oomph and then a final dollop of oomph. I want to go through three cotton pads soaked with Bi-Facil in order to properly remove all that black gold. This mascara delivered on all those levels. This is JUST ONE COAT on my naturally flimsy lashes:


Yep, the extreme closeups are back. Now with added eyeball.

I will be buying in bulk before it’s discontinued, as it surely will be due to the fact that it’s halfway decent. If it were crap, it would exist forever and be praised for decades by glossy magazines whilst the everyday consumer is underwhelmed by its ineptitude (Maybelline Great Lash, I am looking at you).

I am also having a bit of a ‘quirky nail varnish colours’ moment after a year or so of classic red, classic nude or Rouge Noir. I saw a photo of Nails Inc’s Sparkle Like a Unicorn duo and knew I had to have it for Rainbow Wishes, this blue/pink/purple bottle of magic:


You can’t hear it but there are angels singing in the background of this photo. Or maybe it’s the cat snoring.

There is also a pink 3D glitter in the set but I haven’t tried it yet.

3). The La Redoute furniture bonanza

I have lived in my house for two years but it’s taken me this long to decide on a table and chairs for my conservatory. Before that, the conservatory mainly housed cardboard boxes, gardening tools (rarely used) and cat toys. I had seen quite a few rugs and furniture items on interiors blogs from La Redoute and had been impressed with the design standard. When they had (and still have) a 25% off deal I decided to order a rug, a table and four chairs and now my conservatory looks like this (the chairs at either end of the table are from


A lovely spot to sit and watch the relentless summer downpours

I may now invite people around to my house for proper food, rather than four different varieties of posh crisps in bowls.

5) Cinema

Film-wise, I went to see The Big Sick and Dunkirk and loved both for very different reasons. The Big Sick is sweet and funny and emotional and also based on a real story. I really recommend it if you want a bit of light relief from the current threat of Armageddon that seems to be modern life. Dunkirk is, of course, also based on a real story and I think it is an amazing film. The story takes the sweeping horror of war on a grand scale and drills down to an almost granular level, focusing on individuals swept up in the horror of a desperate situation. It is beautifully shot and acted and I didn’t even realise Harry Styles was Harry Styles until the last 5 minutes. The Hans Zimmer soundtrack also deserves special mention for what it adds to the film. Go and see it.







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